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About the Course

Students will work 3-4 weeks on the following units:

Compositional Structure : The Elements and Principles ( structuring an image for purposeful content and meaning ), Motifs and symbols
Life drawing- observational, memory, and imaginative techniques : Contour, Blind Contour, Value, Texture,
Color theory and color drawing - Color wheel art and science/ Form, direction of light, texture
Linear perspective : 1 point perspective ( 2- advanced)
Ceramics- Handbuilding with pinching,coiling,slab , relief, and glazing
Printmaking and Narration: Linocut Printmaking
subtractive sculpture: relief carving

Julie Schulte

Your Instructor

Julie Schulte

Public Art School Teacher - 20 Years
BA in Art Education from Maryville University

Middle School Art (Ages 12-14)


$99/Month +Reg. Fee


13 Weeks, 9/10-12/17

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