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About the Course

Students will work 3-4 weeks on the following units:
Composition and design ( structuring an image for purposeful content and meaning)
3 forms of drawing- observational, memory, and imaginative techniques
Color theory and color drawing - further exploration
Spatial design ( pre perspective skill building; symmetry/ balance, order)
Color theory and painting (water based media: tempera and watercolor)
Exploratory forms of Printmaking and Narration
Ceramics- Hand building with pinching, coiling, relief, and glazing
Additive sculpture: Foil and Paper sculpture and molding

Julie Schulte

Julie Schulte

Art Teach for 20 Years
BA in Art Education K-12, Maryville University

Elementary Art (Ages 9-12)




TUESDAYS--9:00- 10:30am, 17 Weeks, 1/11- 5/17

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